Storing Pet Medication

At PF, Inc. ("Pet Flavors Inc.") our job as a palatant enhancing company is to develop ways to improve the taste (or palatability) of animal medications and supplements. We pride ourselves in putting the "treat" in treatment. In other words, pet medicine and supplements end up tasting like a treat for the animal and they will readily consume them. Which is why pet parents need to properly store pet medicines and supplements in order to protect their pets from accidental overdoses or adverse reactions including vomiting, diarrhea or even death.

Reasons Behind Proper Storage of Pet Medicine

Every year the FDA receives reports of accidental overdoses in dogs and cats. Sometimes pets get into their own medicine, sometimes they get into other pet’s medicine and sometimes they even get into people medicine. Medicine that is flavored to smell or taste good is wonderful when you want your animal to take their medicine easily but can also have serious consequences when they accidently get into medicine on their own and consume too much medicine or the wrong kind of medicine.

Recommendations For The Storage of Pet Medicine

There are several ways to pet proof all medication: