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Flavouring is a Major Part of Compounding Pet Medicines

PF LLC (Pet Flavours, LLC.) knows that your companion animals are just as close as family. However, they can be as stubborn as mules. Convincing a pet to take a medication can be challenging, similarly to convincing a small child to do the same. A big part of this is due to the fact that many medications in their natural forms taste bitter or smell foul. They are just as unappetizing to your pets as they would be to you. However, there are ways around this that can make life much easier for you and for your beloved four-legged companion. One of these options is called compounding.

What is Compounding?

Compounding medications is when you create a personalized medication specifically for an individual patient. These medications include the proper and necessary dosage the patient requires, and also allows for the addition of flavours to the medicine. While this is a commonly used human pharmaceutical technique, it is also widely used in pet medicine as well. It is difficult to get cats and dogs to take medications (especially cats) they do not find appealing. When compounding their medications, we can not only ensure their dosage is spot on for exactly what they need, but also find a more appealing flavour that can accompany standard medications. It also means that medications can be more available to your pets, as we can exclude certain ingredients should your pet be allergic or sensitive to it.

How Does Flavour Tie in?

When compounding medications, there are limitless ways to make it more appealing to your canine or feline companion. Depending on what the medication is, there are different flavours that a pharmacist may need to mask. Often, there are methods to cover any medication taste entirely. These options include things like meat flavours, which mask any bitterness the medicine may have. Many times when using meat, poultry, or fish flavours, it is essential that you are aware we use the proteins of the animal. If your pet has an adversity or allergy to any type of meat, there are other masking flavours that can be used. A hypo-allergenic flavour made from plant extracts would be recommended (like PF LLC's PC-0170; Artificial Powdered Meat Flavour).

Are Flavourings the Only Things That Help?

Flavouring suppliers like PF LLC take great pride in what we can do to improve your animal's experience with medication. However, flavourings are not the only enhancers that can make a difference. The vehicle used for medicine can make a huge difference. For example, when medicine is combined into a soft chew or a chewable tablet, the animals think they are getting a treat and take the medicine willingly. PF LLC has worked for many years with manufactures to formulate highly palatable dosage forms of medicine.

Are Flavourings Beneficial?

Studies have shown time and time again that palatability enhancers (the flavour in compounded medicines) combined with pharmaceutical practices can decrease your pet's reluctance to take their medications, even in the pickiest of animals. Oftentimes, with a quality flavour, your pet does not even realize they are taking medications at all! It is incredibly beneficial for pets who are very picky, or those that are ill or aging and may be more stubborn than they once were.

How is the Flavour Infused?

It is a commonly held belief that pharmacists who make and provide the medications for your dog or cat simply put food products in with the medication, stir, and voila, a palatable substance to appease the pickiest of eaters. However, that is not quite how it works. There is an art and a science to compounding medications, and food is not involved in the process at all. You see, food can spoil quickly. PF LLC's products, along with similar products from other flavour concentrate manufacturers, are a safe alternative without that issue arising. We take proteins and/or concentrates from whatever flavours we use and make a substance that is long-lasting, safe, and healthy for your pet's needs. Then, the pharmacist works their magic making your pet's perfect remedy.

Are There Flavours for any Pet?

Though it may take a little bit of searching, we are confident there is a flavour you and your pet will love. Your pet will eagerly take his or her medication while you have the peace of mind knowing they are getting healthier. Every medication has a different flavour on its own, so it is important that you find a flavour that either complements the natural flavour of the medication or masks it in its entirety. This is easy to do, and your pharmacist can help you to find the right option for you. Many people have found large amounts of success in getting their picky little eaters back on track with flavours from PF LLC.

PF LLC works with product developers and manufacturers. We do not sell our products directly. If you are a pet owner and need help with your pet taking medications, please contact your veterinarian.