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Frequently Asked Questions About PF LLC Flavor Bases

What are PF LLC flavor bases?

Flavor bases (or palatants) are simply a combination of ingredients designed to enhance the aroma and flavor of medications and supplements so animals will choose to ingest them voluntarily. By making medications and supplements taste and smell better, pet owners can ensure that pets are obtaining the medication and nutrition that they need to live longer, healthier lives.

What are PF LLC flavor bases made of?

PF LLC flavor base can be added to soft chews, chewable tablets, granules, gel capsules, creams and pastes. They can also be added to liquids and oils, although they don’t fully dissolve, forming a suspension.

How does flavoring work?

Flavoring is added during the manufacturing process of a pet medicine or supplement. When PF LLC flavor bases are incorporated into medication and supplements during manufacturing, not only are offensive or medicinal scents and tastes masked but the animal consistently receives the correct dosage form.

In what type of products can flavor bases be added to?

PF LLC flavor base can be added to soft chews, chewable tablets, granules, gel capsules, creams and pastes. They can also be added into liquids although they don’t fully dissolve, instead forming a slurry.

What products are PF LLC flavor bases used in?

PF LLC flavor bases can be added to almost any medication or supplement. Products currently on the market using our flavor bases include flea and tick prevention, heartworm and ringworm prevention, congestive heart failure medicine, pain medicine and joint health supplements.

How much flavor base is mixed into a pet medicine or supplement?

There are generally three components to palatability when it comes to animals: smell, taste, and texture. In this sense, the idea of developing palatable medications for pets is not too different than making human medications more palatable. It's a matter of working with the three factors until you find the perfect balance that maximizes palatability. Most formulations will contain between 10% to 25% by weight.

Why does my pet need flavored medicine or supplements?

When medicine or supplements are added to a pet’s food, there is no guarantee that the animal will consume the correct dosage or that a second pet may inadvertently consume unnecessary medicine or supplements. The same problem can happen when medicine or supplements are disguised in food. Animals are smart enough to eat good food and spit out medicine or supplements.

I am a pet owner. Can I buy PF LLC flavor bases?

If you are having problems with your pet taking medicines and supplements, speak with your veterinarian.

PF LLC works with product developers and manufacturers. We do not sell our products directly. If you are a pet owner and need help with your pet taking medications, please contact your veterinarian.