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Palatability Enhancers Are Not Just For Pet Food

Nothing makes pet owners happier than when they open up a bag or can of pet food and their pets come running, wagging their tail or meowing, excited by the thought of eating dinner. When owners see this kind of behavior, they know that their pets are enjoying a flavorful meal and getting the nutrition they need.

Now imagine the same scenario but instead of food a pet owner opens up a package that contains medicine or pet supplements. Suddenly the picture changes. The animal runs away or hides from the owner. Or the owner gets scratched or bitten trying to force medicine into their pet. Instead of helping the pet get better or stay healthy, the ordeal leaves both the owner and animal feeling frustrated and even traumatized.

Today pet medications and pet supplements can be just as appealing as pet food with a secret ingredient called a palatability enhancer or palatant. Envision something added to the medicine that, in the words of Mary Poppins, "would make the medicine go down in the most delightful way". That is how palatability enhancers work. They enhance or disguise the taste of most medications and supplements so pets happily take the medicine and receive the needed benefits.

Palatants are some type of flavoring (usually beef or chicken) added during the manufacturing process to produce medicine that pets find to be more suitable to their tastes, thereby voluntarily ingesting it. In other words, good flavoring for pet medicines makes the medication process much easier.

While a palatability enhancer or palatant may represent only a small portion of all the ingredients in a pet medication (or pet supplement), its value can't be underestimated. In the end, flavoring a pet's medication results in happy, healthy pets and grateful pet parents.

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