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Should Pets Take Supplements?

Just like humans, pets need essential nutrients to maintain or improve their health. Just like humans, pets don’t always get enough of these nutrients in their normal diet. Pet owners have discovered how beneficial nutritional supplements are for themselves and now are seeking the same benefits for their pets. They are educating themselves on safe, natural and nutritious products to help their pets stay healthy instead of expensive veterinary medicines which can have potential adverse reactions.

Evolution of the Pet Supplement Business

The pet supplement market has evolved in the past five years. Pet owners have begun to really educate themselves on the health issues that can affect their pets. Today, several factors have contributed to the rise in pet supplements including the rising population of elderly pets, pet obesity and the increasing costs of veterinary care.

Why Dietary Supplements for Pets?

There is such an emotional connection between humans and their pets. Pet owners are investing more time and money into their pets because they value them as family members. While the pet supplement market is competitive, the concern for pet health will only continue to grow as today’s consumer understands that preventative care is as important and less expensive for the health of their pets.

What makes a Pet Supplement Effective?

An effective pet supplement should concentrate on the most common issues pets face today including joint health, skin and coat health, gastrointestinal, heart, liver and kidney health, eye health and cognitive health. The ingredients in the supplements should be natural, safe and beneficial to the pet. The supplements should be in a form easy to give to a pet (liquid, chewable tablet or soft chew) and most important, have scientific evidence to back up the label claim.

How Supplement Companies Can Help

Some companies choose to combine two or more health benefits in one supplement for the pet owner’s convenience. Other companies elect to sell supplements through veterinary clinics which allow them to create supplements that are more potent. Finally, some companies produce supplements that contain unusual ingredients (such as wild krill, shark cartilage, blueberries, and coconut oil). Here at Pet Flavors Inc., we do our part to support the pet supplement companies. Our natural powdered flavor bases are used to enhance the flavor of supplements. When supplement companies add our flavor bases, they provide a product that pets will freely consume.

Keep Pets Health

Pet parents are devoted to keeping their pets healthy as long as possible. By adding tasty supplements that target specific health needs, they can enrich the quality of their pet’s lives.