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Trends in the Pet Flavor Industry

PF LLC (Pet Flavors LLC) is an internationally known company, with a dedication to quality flavor bases. As a top ranking flavor business, we have to keep up with the demands of an industry that brings in more users every day. We are already in the hands of 9 of the 10 top animal health companies worldwide! However, we not only have to keep up with the international demand for our product, but also what trends occur, where they occur, and when they occur in order to remain on top of our market.

It is Important to Know What is Most Wanted Right Now

It is always important to stay vigilant when it comes to what is popular, and it means that you have to stay current on every fluctuation on the market. For example, as dog allergies get progressively worse, just as humans' allergies do, hypo-allergenic flavorings rise in demand. Accompanying that rise comes a rise in non-bovine products as well. On a less specific basis, there is a general push toward the use of natural ingredients in canine and feline flavors.

Customers are more educated about the health benefits that come with natural ingredients, and just as they are reaping the benefits, they want the same for their companion animal. Pet owners are seeking pet medicines and supplements that contain safe and natural ingredients that are sourced in the United States (including non-GMO ingredients). There is rising fear of contamination associated with anything less than completely natural ingredients. Many of these health trends mirror the same trends in human food, such as a push for more probiotics to support digestive health.

Pet medicines and supplements come with many benefits, including supporting mental acuity, preventing aging from taking its toll quite as quickly, stress management, and weight management. These benefits only work if a pet takes the medicine or supplement. Natural flavorings, added to these products, make the experience stress-free for both pets and their owners. That's where PF LLC flavoring products come in.

Educated Consumers

Consumers today want medicine and supplements that are more than natural. Their focus is on quality ingredients and are often willing to spend extra to obtain them. They are looking for scientific claims that validate a product's effectiveness. PF LLC understands these educated pet owners. That is why our flavors are preservative free, grain free, and contain no artificial coloring. We have been conducting extensive research with natural flavoring agents for over 20 years to produce the most palatable and safe products in the animal health field.

Flavorings Can Differ Depending on the Animal

Flavoring companies recognize that while there are common flavors that work well for each animal species, preferred flavors should be part of their repertoire. This is evident between cats and dogs. While they both tend to like meats such as beef or chicken, on an individual basis their flavor preference can be very different. Cats have a tendency to lean more toward the saltier flavors like fish. Dogs, on the other hand, tend to lean more toward savory flavors, like liver. Both of these come in handy in the nutraceutical area. The ingredients in nutraceutical supplements tend to taste bitter or sour. These different flavorings can increase the palatability for both canines and felines. This means that the animals are far more likely to live healthier lives as they take the natural supplements that help them maintain proper nutrition.

Pet Flavor LLC Is Here to Help

PF LLC understands how challenging it can be to find the proper solution to keep a beloved pet healthy and happy. One of the most common answers is supplemental support along with their food. To ensure that animals will take these supplements, manufacturers work closely with flavoring companies. This means that PF LLC constantly educates ourselves to the ever changing needs and wants of pets and their human parents. We continually monitor trends to make sure that our flavor bases are sufficient and to make adjustments or advancements as necessary.

PF LLC works with product developers and manufacturers. We do not sell our products directly. If you are a pet owner and need help with your pet taking medications, please contact your veterinarian.