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Why Are Certifications Important?

PF LLC (Pet Flavors LLC) knows that pet owners want the very best for their companion animals, so knowing what you are feeding them is incredibly important. This is especially important when it comes to medicine palatability enhancers. Our industry has strict regulations so the health and safety of all animals are a priority. We supply not only the highest quality products, but have the dedication to go above and beyond every single day, both in the workplace and as a part of the community. We are constantly working to improve the quality and safety of our flavors.

Certifications are Proof You are Getting the Very Best

PF LLC believes in maintaining the highest quality in the manufacturing of our products. What that means is, we comply with all quality, health, safety and environmental regulations. We obtain, maintain and keep up-to-date, all required certificates, permits, licenses and registrations. Our team is committed to providing the best flavoring used in the companion animal health field. We believe in high standards, not because we have to but because we want to. Certifications prove that philosophy. But we go further. We audit our suppliers to ensure they adhere to our high standards and principles and require them to have certifications as well.

Today pets are considered members of the family. We know it is important to keep pets happy and healthy, and certifications show that not only is our product of great quality, but the manufacturing process is safe. Mistakes at the production level can cause disaster later on. Certifications also show any potential for risk within the facility has been properly dealt with and an action plan is in place. This means that should a complaint or issue arise, it is dealt with accordingly, and quickly as well. Our consumers are our number one priority and we do everything we can do keep everyone happy and safe.

Types of Certifications Available

There are a variety of safety and quality certifications flavor manufacturers can obtain. First and foremost is a USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) license. An approved USDA license means that a manufacturer (like PF LLC) has passed a rigorous inspection and has met or exceeded all quality and safety requirements. This certificate reassures consumers that the ingredients in flavorings are absolutely safe for their pets.

There is also the cGMP Certification (Good Manufacturing Practices). Because it is hard for consumers to tell if a drug product is safe, cGMP was developed by the FDA as a system where quality controls are built into every step of the manufacturing process. This assures that any pet medicine is safe and effective for the animal. While PF LLC doesn't produce pet medicines, we believe following cGMP standards reinforces to our customers that quality and safety are our highest priority.

Finally, there are compliance certificates that prove a manufacturer is following certain state or federal laws. PF LLC certifies there are no ingredients in our flavor bases that are harmful to animals, including melamine, heavy metals or organic solvents.

Are Certifications Easy to Get?

Certifications for flavoring suppliers are not necessarily easy to get. These certifications require a time and labor investment that less dedicated companies may forgo. However, companies which obtain these certifications are demonstrating to all that they are committed to quality and safety on a daily basis.

Our Certifications are About More Than Just the Flavoring

While it is true that PF LLC is constantly striving for excellence and these certifications push us to do exactly that, we are also dedicated to our environment and community. Earning these certifications allows us to demonstrate that we are moving forward and doing our part to better the world around us. We work with others to decrease our waste and our carbon footprint in order to preserve the environment as well as we can. We also do our part in the community by providing jobs. And rather than fill the air with pollution, or potentially create and unsafe space, we focus on people and their pets and improve what we do to help them.

Pet Flavor LLC Is Dedicated to the Very Best

PF LLC has been a world leading flavoring company for over 25 years. We are the continuously endeavoring to be the best. Often, that means obtaining the newest certification in order to prove to our loyal clients that we want the very best for them and their companion animals. We know how challenging it can be to find the best option for your pet, particularly if they are picky eaters or just totally do not want to take their medications. We provide the best in quality solutions to these challenges and we do so safely and efficiently. Our customers, environment, community, and pets are our top priorities and we want to show you how much we care by constantly bettering ourselves.

If you would like to find out more about our certifications, or certifications in general, be sure to contact us at your earliest convenience and we would be more than happy to answer any questions on the subject that you may have.

PF LLC works with product developers and manufacturers. We do not sell our products directly. If you are a pet owner and need help with your pet taking medications, please contact your veterinarian.