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PC-0555 - Certificate of Analysis

Section I:

Product: Sweet Apple and Molasses Flavor
Product Number: PC-0555
Lot Number: 903610
Flavor Ingredients Natural Apple and Molasses Flavor
Storage Store in tightly sealed containers at ambient conditions.
Date of Manufacture: Jan, 2019


Properties Limits Test Result
Appearance Medium to dark brown, coarse granulation with an apple and molasses flavor and odor Meets appearance
Total Dietary Fiber, w/w% Not less than 15% by weight 31.0% Fiber
Carbohydrate, %w/w Not less than 50% by weight 71.6% Carbohydrate
Protein, %w/w Not more than 15% by weight 8.3% Protein
Fat, %w/w Not more than 10% by weight 7.4% Fat
Moisture, %w/w Not more than 15% by weight 2.9% Moisture
Total Aerobic Bacteria Count Not greater than 10,000 cfu/g 30 cfu/g
Total Yeast Count Not greater than 100 cfu/g 10 cfu/g
Total Mold Count Not greater than 100 cfu/g None Detected
E.Coli Negative None Detected
Salmonella Negative None Detected