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PC-0060 Artificial Powdered Meat Flavor "Hypo Allergenic" (No animal protein)

PC-0060 is the flavor choice for use in nutritional canine and feline palatable dosage forms, where a Hypo Allergenic (No animal protein) flavor base is desired.

Dosage forms that contain PC-0060 include the following:

  • Chewable Tablets
    • Made by any method:
      • Direct Compression
      • Wet Granulation (Water or Alcohol)
      • Roller Compaction
    • Chewable Soft Chews
    • Palatable Granules/Powders
    • Palatable Semi-Solids (gels, pastes and creams)

PC-0060 is labeled with a 3 year expiration date from the date of manufacture.

PC-0060 is sold in one (1) package size:

  • 20.0 kg net weight drum: Non-Irradiated

Free 500 gram samples of PC-0060 are available for customer evaluations.

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