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PC-0170 Artificial Powdered Meat Flavor( Hypo Allergeni)

With over 30 years of dedicated expertise, we've honed our craft and emerged as industry leaders in developing flavors that achieve top-tier palatability rates, and bring global esteem from the world's leaders in animal pharmaceutical development. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the highest-quality flavorings we provide. We're not only about new, innovative tastes-we specialize in tried and true flavors like our Artificial Powdered Meat Flavor; PC-0170(HA).

PC-0170 is the flavor choice for use in pharmaceutical canine and feline palatable dosage forms, where a Hypo Allergenic (No animal protein) flavor base is desired.

Free Samples

Developing animal pharmaceuticals takes time and trial and error -and so does selecting the right flavors. PF LLC provides free samples to see if our flavor base is right for your product. You can request a free 500-gram sample of Artificial Powdered Meat Flavor; PC-0170(HA) or your preferred flavor.

Who We Work With

PF LLC collaborates with an extensive network of animal health firms, including 5 of the top 6 pet pharmaceutical manufacturers in the world. Our partnerships are comprehensive, involving roles such as:

  • Formulators
  • Formulation scientists
  • Clinical heads
  • Marketing associates
  • Animal Drug Developers
  • Other product development team members

Our role is to integrate our proven flavoring agents into the development of new animal pharmaceuticals and prospective drug products. In collaboration with drug sponsors, we aim to design flavor-enhanced drug candidates that meet the stringent regulatory approval criteria. Ultimately, our mission is to assist manufacturers in creating medications that will positively impact the world, by improving the palatability of essential drugs, thus enhancing acceptance and compliance among animal patients.

Dosing Methods

Artificial Powdered Meat Flavor; PC-0170(HA) is suitable for chewable tablets, chewable soft chews, palatable granules/powders, and palatable semi-solids (gels, pastes, and creams)

The PF, LLC Difference

USDA Inspected Facility

Artificial Powdered Meat Flavor PC-0170(HA) is produced in our USDA inspected facility in Melbourne, FL with only the highest quality ingredients. We know drug manufacturers have to follow strict guidelines, so not only is our facility USDA inspected, but we follow FDA and European Union guidelines for pharmaceutical ingredients.

Quality Testing

We perform quality testing on all of our production batches to ensure continuous and consistent quality that meet USDA requirements.

Shelf Stable Product

Artificial Powdered Meat Flavor; PC-0170(HA) has a 3 year shelf life supported by stability data.

Package Sizes

We currently offer our Artificial Powdered Meat Flavor; PC-0170(HA) in the following package size: 20.0 kg net weight drum:

Ready to Bring Your Pharmaceutical to Market?

Choosing PF LLC means partnering with a seasoned, reliable, and quality-focused flavor base provider. We invite you to reach out to us. Let’s discuss how our premium flavor bases can elevate the acceptability of your animal pharmaceuticals, reinforcing your products' effectiveness by ensuring that pets are more compliant. Trust PF LLC - because when it comes to flavor, we are in a class of our own.

To start implementing Pet Flavors’ outstanding flavor bases into your animal medication, fill out a request form. We will contact you soon to discuss flavor options and how we can work together effectively. PF LLC works with product developers and manufacturers.

Disclaimer: We do not sell our products directly. If you are a pet owner and need help with your pet taking medications, please contact your veterinarian.