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PC-0655 Sweet Apple and Molasses Flavor

Boasting a legacy of over three decades of focused proficiency, Pet Flavors has perfected our craft, carving out a prestigious position as pioneers in formulating flavors that yield unrivaled palatability rates. Our reputation extends globally, gaining recognition and high regard from the leading names in the field of animal pharmaceutical development. The relentless pursuit of excellence reverberates through the top-quality flavorings we proudly deliver. Our expertise extends beyond the invention of fresh, groundbreaking tastes, as we also take great pride in perfecting traditional favorites such as our signature Sweet Apple and Molasses Flavor; PC-0655.

Free Samples

The process of creating animal pharmaceuticals involves careful consideration, patience, and a degree of experimentation - and the same principles apply when it comes to picking the ideal flavors. To help streamline this process, PF LLC offers complimentary samples, giving you the opportunity to gauge if our flavor base aligns well with your product. To acquire a free 500-gram sample of our esteemed Sweet Apple and Molasses Flavor; PC-0655, or a flavor of your choice, then contact Pet Flavors LLC today.

Who We Work With

PF LLC collaborates with an extensive network of animal health organizations, including 5 of the top 6 pet pharmaceutical manufacturers in the world. Our partnerships are comprehensive, involving roles such as:

  • Formulators
  • Formulation Scientists
  • Clinical heads
  • Marketing associates
  • Animal Drug Developers
  • Other product development team members

Pet Flavors' role is to combine our tested flavor additives with the creation of new animal medications and potential drugs. We work together with animal pharmaceutical companies to make drug candidates that are enhanced with flavor and meet strict regulatory requirements. Ultimately, our mission is to assist manufacturers in creating medications that will positively impact the world, by improving the palatability of essential drugs, thus enhancing acceptance and compliance among animal patients

Dosing Methods

Sweet Apple and Molasses Flavor; PC-0655 is suitable for chewable tablets, chewable soft chews, palatable granules/powders and palatable semi-solids (gels, pastes and creams)

The PF LLC Difference

USDA Inspected Facility

Our Sweet Apple and Molasses Flavor PC-0655 is produced in our USDA inspected facility in Melbourne, FL with only the highest quality ingredients. We know drug manufacturers have to follow strict guidelines, so not only is our facility USDA inspected, but we follow FDA and European Union guidelines for pharmaceutical ingredients.

Quality Testing

We perform quality testing on all of our production batches to ensure continuous and consistent quality that meets USDA requirements

Shelf Stable Product

Sweet Apple and Molasses Flavor PC-0655 has a 3 year shelf life supported by stability data.

Research and Dedication: The Creation of Sweet Apple and Molasses Flavor

Sweet Apple and Molasses Flavor PC-0655 is not just another animal pharma flavor base. Sweet Apple and Molasses Flavor is a careful blend that takes into account the unique taste preferences of equine animals. It's not only about creating a flavor that pets find palatable but also about understanding the complex palate of the equine species, which is vastly different from other animals. Sweet Apple and Molasses Flavor is the result of extensive research and development, and our steadfast commitment to enhancing the palatability of essential medications for these majestic creatures.

Package Sizes

We currently offer our Sweet Apple and Molasses Flavor.PC-0655 in the following package size

  • 20.0 kg net weight drum:

Ready to Bring Your Pharmaceutical to Market?

Opting for PF LLC means forging an alliance with an experienced, dependable, and quality-centric flavor base supplier. We encourage you to contact us today. Let's discuss how our superior flavor bases can enhance the palatability of your pet pharmaceuticals, thereby amplifying your products' efficacy by ensuring better compliance from pets. Count on PF LLC - we're unsurpassed in the realm of flavors.

To begin incorporating the exceptional flavor bases from Pet Flavors into your animal medication line, submit a Request Form. We'll get back to you promptly to discuss flavor possibilities and strategize our efficient collaboration. At PF LLC, we team up with product developers and manufacturers.

Disclaimer: We do not sell our products directly. If you are a pet owner and need help with your pet taking medications, please contact your veterinarian.