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PC-0030 Natural Chicken Powdered Flavor - Formula Applications

Most formulations will contain between 10% w/w to 25% w/w of PC-0030. The most common usage rates are between 10% w/w to 15% w/w.

Below you will find some sample formulas that contain Natural Chicken Powdered Flavor; PC-0030.

Natural Chicken Flavor PC-0030

Although its name is quite plain, its flavor is just the opposite. Pet Flavors is the world's leading animal supplement flavoring producer, and all our flavoring agents, including "Natural Chicken Powdered Flavor.PC-0030", are considered number one among all animal nutraceutical flavoring agents in the world. With rich umami notes and a deeply robust savoriness, your animal supplement is sure to have a top palatability rate. Natural Chicken powdered Flavor.PC-0030 is permissible in feline and canine dosage forms, and our palatability track record is proven. Here are some statistics: Feline Palatability- 90.0%-95.0% Canine Palatability- 95.0% to 99.9%

The Only USDA Grade Animal Supplement Flavoring

Importantly, all of our flavoring agents are USDA grade. What does this mean? Our Natural Chicken Powdered Flavor.PC-0030 is made with only the best ingredients and meets all industry standards for animal supplements. It has been tested in both cats & dogs to ensure good palatability ratings. Do you have a question about Natural Chicken Powdered Flavor.PC-0030 or our other flavoring agents? Our team is here to help. Contact our customer support today, and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!

Ready to Bring Your Supplement to Market?

If you're ready to bring your animal supplement to the market, contact Pet Flavors today to see how we can collaborate to create a successful animal product. Our team can help you streamline the process and ensure that your animal supplement meets all industry standards for quality and palatability. Give us a call today to learn more about how Pet Flavors can help!

Direct Compression Canine Chewable Tablet

Ingredients mg/Tablet
Glucosamine HCl 500.0
MSM 400.0
PC-0030 360.0
Compressible Sugar 300.0
Microcrystalline Cellulose 600.0
DiCalcium Phosphate 780.0
Colloidal Silicon Dioxide 30.0
Magnesium Stearate 30.0
Total Tablet Weight 3000.0 mg/Tablet

Tablet Tooling: 0.750" standard round concave tooling with a bisect score.

Direct Compression Feline Chewable Tablet

Ingredients mg/Tablet
Cranberry Extract 20.0
PC-0030 50.0
Compressible Sugar 25.0
Aspartame 2.5
Microcrystalline Cellulose 50.0
Lactose Anhydrous 95.0
Croscarmellose Sodium 2.5
Colloidal Silicon Dioxide 2.5
Magnesium Stearate 2.5
Total Tablet Weight 250.0 mg/Tablet

Tablet Tooling: 0.250" standard round concave tooling with a bisect score.

Palatable Canine/Feline Granules

Ingredients mg/Dose
Glucosamine HCl 800.0
MSM 400.0
PC-0030 450.0
Sucrose 600.0
Whey, Extra Sweet Dairy 600.0
Soybean Oil 60.0
Tenox 20 1.0
Dicalcium Phosphate 89.0
Total Dose Weight 3000.0 mg/Dose