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PC-0330 Natural Chicken Powdered Flavor - Formula Applications

Natural Chicken Powdered Flavor; PC-0330 has been successfully formulated into dozens of highly palatable and stable dosage forms now for more than 20 years.

Most formulations will contain between 10% w/w to 25% w/w of PC-0330. The most common usage rates are between 10% w/w to 15% w/w.

Below you will find some sample formulas that contain Natural Chicken Powdered Flavor; PC-0330.

Direct Compression Canine Chewable Tablet

Ingredients mg/Tablet
Glucosamine HCl 500.0
MSM 400.0
PC-0330 360.0
Compressible Sugar 300.0
Microcrystalline Cellulose 600.0
DiCalcium Phosphate 780.0
Colloidal Silicon Dioxide 30.0
Magnesium Stearate 30.0
Total Tablet Weight 3000.0 mg/Tablet

Tablet Tooling: 0.750" standard round concave tooling with a bisect score.

Direct Compression Feline Chewable Tablet

Ingredients mg/Tablet
Cranberry Extract 20.0
PC-0330 50.0
Compressible Sugar 25.0
Aspartame 2.5
Microcrystalline Cellulose 50.0
Lactose Anhydrous 95.0
Croscarmellose Sodium 2.5
Colloidal Silicon Dioxide 2.5
Magnesium Stearate 2.5
Total Tablet Weight 250.0 mg/Tablet

Tablet Tooling: 0.250" standard round concave tooling with a bisect score.

Palatable Canine/Feline Granules

Ingredients mg/Dose
Glucosamine HCl 800.0
MSM 400.0
PC-0330 450.0
Sucrose 600.0
Whey, Extra Sweet Dairy 600.0
Soybean Oil 60.0
Tenox 20 1.0
Dicalcium Phosphate 89.0
Total Dose Weight 3000.0 mg/Dose