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Palatability Results

What Is Palatant?

Palatants are ingredients added to food, medicine, or supplements that increase the palatability of that product.

For example, in pets, palatants are flavor additives combined with food or medicine that increase the likelihood the pet will readily consume the product.

What Is Palitability

Palatability is the subjective preference for a food, its pleasantness, or even the quantity consumed (in grams) can all serve as measures of palatability.

What Are the Effects of Palatability?

The impact of palatability can be observed through various effects. 

A comprehensive analysis of human laboratory studies has consistently demonstrated that increased palatability leads to higher short-term consumption. 

Remarkably, these effects persist regardless of the nutritional content of the food being consumed.

Furthermore, correlational studies have revealed that individuals tend to consume larger quantities of food when it is deemed palatable.


Over 50 canine-palatable products have used PF LLC’s Flavor Bases to elevate the taste and desirability of the product. Our palatability rates range from 95.0% to 99.9% acceptance from dogs of all breeds and weights. This impressive palatability rating means that dogs of all kinds are likely to willingly consume medications formulated with PF LLC’s Flavor Bases.

Formulating your product with one of our Flavor Bases will help alleviate the difficulty of trying to sneak medicine into a dog’s food or treat. Our tasty flavor bases can be added to many canine pharmaceutical or nutritional palatable products, including chewable tablets, palatable granules/powders, and semi-solids like gels, pastes, and creams.

What Are the 5 Palatability Factors?

The 5 Palatability Factors are:

  • Taste 
  • Odor
  • Appearance
  • Texture
  • Temperature
  • Sound
  •  Trigeminal Senses

Why Is Palatability Important When Offering Animals Medication?

Pharmaceutical companies have learned that when medication is 'palatable' there is an increase in compliance and an increase in treatment success while ensureing your pets take their medicine.


PF LLC’s Flavor Bases have been successfully used in 25+ feline products. The overall product palatability for these products ranges from 90.0%-95.0% free acceptance from cats of all breeds and weights. It’s easy to make your medication cat-approved with the help of one of our desirable Flavor Bases.


Our flavor bases have also been successfully formulated into over 25 equine-palatable products. Our equine-specific flavor is Sweet Apple and Molasses Flavor, with a palatability rating from 97.0% to 99.9% acceptance from horses of all breeds and weights. This flavor can be formulated into many equine pharmaceutical or nutritional equine palatable products, including granules/powders and semi-solids (gels, pastes, and creams).